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What to Plant in the June Edible Garden

Good morning gardening friends and happy June!

The beginning of June and end of spring is a fantastic time for planting a wide array of vegetables and herbs in the edible garden. Summer is right around the corner, however, you have not missed out if you haven't started planting yet.

In the first two weeks of June we are planting warm season vegetables and select cool season vegetables that can tolerate a little heat. Some cool season vegetables should not be planted in June as the summer weather becomes too hot for them and results in quick bolting.

Here's what vegetables to plant now with preferred planting method:

Beans-seeds or starts


Brussels sprouts-starts plant now for a fall/winter harvest

Cabbage-starts select heat-tolerant summer varieites


Celeriac-seeds plant now for a fall/winter harvest


Collards-seeds or starts

Corn-seeds or starts

Cucumbers-seeds or starts


Melons-seeds or starts

Kale-seeds or starts

Lettuce-seeds or starts select heat-tolerant summer varieties

Parsnips-seeds plant now for a fall/winter harvest

Potatoes-certified seed potatoes (tubers)


Scallions-seeds or starts

Summer squash-seeds or starts

Swiss chard-seeds or starts

Zucchini-seeds or starts

Here's what annual herbs to plant now with preferred planting method:


Chamomile-seeds or starts

Dill-seeds or starts

All perennial herbs can be planted throughout June.

If you are planting seeds directly in the garden keep in mind the soil surface must stay evenly moist to promote good germination. In warm sunny weather this can mean misting the soil both morning and evening.

In general planting your vegetable seedlings, called "starts," on an overcast day and either early in the morning or in the evening will prevent transplant shock/stress. Remember that newly planted vegetable and herbs starts need more frequent watering until they are established, in about 1-2 weeks.

It might be hard to believe, but guess what? June is the time to start planning for your fall and winter vegetable garden! Here in Portland we begin planting for a fall and winter harvest in late July through August. I'll have more information for you in a few weeks, so stay tuned.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Happy Gardening,


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