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Long Time No See Gardening Friends

Hello my dear gardening friends,

I hope you are all well, safe, and healthy as this pandemic drags on into the 10th month. My last gardening post written the 2nd week of March was titled "Then There Was Snow on March 13." As the pandemic was in its early days I had no idea what was coming as I imagine you had no idea either.

In late March I quickly pivoted to teleworking from home and PCC went into remote operations with all campuses closed on March 20. The stress of the ongoing pandemic, the economic collapse, soaring unemployment, the revolution for racial justice, the continued violence against and murders of our black community, the worst wildfire smoke I've ever experienced, the political climate fueled by a hate-filled megalomaniac, and the uncertainty of the election season has left our world in a state of constant crisis. For me personally, I could not write, so there have been no blog posts the last 6 months.

A shining light in my life throughout all the stressful times, crisis, uncertainty, and depression has been virtual gardening classes. From April to October I taught over 40 gardening classes virtually. I've been teaching gardening classes for 12+ years and this was by far a record setting teaching year for me. I've already scheduled all my virtual gardening classes for January-March 2020 so please stay tuned the end of this year for the line-up announcement.

I am happy to report this summer we shopped for and finally purchased our first home. We are settling in and I look forward to documenting my gardening adventures on our .2 acre lot. The biggest space I've ever had to garden. Exciting!

My wreath making workshop is getting set up and soon I will launch a new online shop for local holiday

wreath orders. Please stay tuned.

You have either had a first frost this week or were really close. Our nighttime lows at the new house were around 34 degrees with 28 degree wind chill. Tonight is forecasted to be in the upper 20s. Be sure to harvest and bring in all of your remaining summer vegetables and herbs. These temperatures will kill them. Time to focus on cleaning up the garden, sheet mulching, and putting it all to bed for the winter.

Take good care and I look forward to connecting with you soon.



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