Edible Garden Consultation
with The Gardening Goddess

Rates Effective February 1 2022

January 2022 Update: 

I am accepting new consultation clients

on a first come first served basis 

Due to COVID I am only providing virtual consultation 

Edible Gardening Consultation 

$75 for a 1-hour virtual consultation

$180 for a 3-session package 

I love providing edible gardening consultation and helping you be the most successful growing your own food. An edible gardening consultation is like your own private gardening class individualized for you in the comfort of our own home! Since I cannot visit your home, you will email me photos so I can survey your current edible garden space, and email your goals for our session. Via Zoom we will meet virtually. Together we will draft a plan for your edible garden and I will answer all your edible gardening questions. Topics can include planting seasons, individual crop care, soil preparation, maintenance, and troubleshooting pest and disease. Be prepared to take lots of notes! 

This service does not include a an in-person meeting, my visiting your home, garden design, installation, or maintenance. 


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