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2021 Gardening Goddess Update

Dear Gardening Friends,

What a wild year we've had. This week is the one year "anniversary" of COVID-19 being declared a pandemic. Next week marks one year since Portland Community College closed the campuses and shifted to remote operations. Is that cause to celebrate? I suppose an optimist would celebrate serving the pandemic and being alive. I certainly am grateful for our continued health.

I so love writing about gardening and keeping you informed and inspired about weekly and monthly gardening projects. The stress, anxiety, fear and grief about the pandemic completely stifled all of my garden writing the entirety of 2020.

Spring equinox is right around the corner, the wheel of the year continues to turn, and the earth is awakening into spring yet again. I love the spring. I love writing about the spring. And this year I lack the time or energy. Since summer 2019 I have been working at Portland Community College as the cascade learning garden coordinator. Fortunately I've kept this role in a virtual way during remote operations. I took this position to provide the financial stability the seasonal nature of my small business could not. The pandemic brought an increased interest in gardening and we've seen a surge in popularity of the gardening classes in virtual format. Winter, spring, and summer 2021 terms I've doubled my virtual class offerings.

As many of you know in September Jay and I realized our long time goal of being first-time first-generation home owners. My PCC job, increased teaching, being new homeowners, working on all of our house projects, and building a new garden from scratch has me stretched in so many directions. I live with an autoimmune disease and multiple chronic illnesses. The stress of 2020 combined with all the plates I am attempting to spin has caused a deterioration of my health.

For these reasons I have sadly made the decision to cease my gardening blog and newsletter for 2021. I also will not be updating my instagram and facebook accounts. I have to take care of my physical and mental health. But I am sad to not be here writing like I love and sharing my passion for gardening to support you in becoming more successful gardeners. I will reevaluate in 2022 and hopefully my workload will have shifted so I can return to writing.

Know that I am over here either building my new garden, working on our house, or working remotely from home. This summer it is my intention to put my feet up and enjoy some much needed rest and restoration. I hope to see you in an upcoming gardening virtual class or in 1:1 garden consultation/coaching. I wish you the very best of health, fun, and success in your gardens this year. And I hope that we all receive the vaccine soon so we can resume face-to-face activities. I look forward to opening my new garden to you in the future when it is once again safe. Stay safe and resilient!

Happy Gardening,


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